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Our new TRI-Matrix MD™ Patented Formula combinesAge Management, Health and Sports Performance all into one delicious Raspberry Fusion of Flavor

Tri-Matrix MDTM is one of the most sought-after product in the Health and Wellness industry today.

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Your DNA is Not Your Destiny…

Your #1 Defense Against Aging

Supports Reduce Cellular Damage to the Body

Down Regulates Fat Storage Trigger

Supports Natural Fat Burning Processes

Helps Body Battle Obesity and Weight Gain

Defense against Free Radical Damage

Supports Recovery Time

Refreshing Raspberry Flavor, Low Glycemic

Energy, Performance & Endurance

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This new product is a "Game-Changer" to your health and fitness regime!

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In the early 1970’s Karlton and his clubfoot outgrew leg braces only to become a sickly, scrawny, last picked, bench-riding kid. His athletic ambition and desire to be a champion were met with absentee athleticism. Despite his childhood struggles and adult driving history of totaling three vehicles before his 33rd birthday, he persevered to become a champion athlete, fitness model and international fitness authority.

As a global competitor he began using the Tri-Matrix MD™ Formula in 1996 and emerged as a 2002 Light Heavyweight Body Building Champion in Sicily after being honored as the 2001 Male Athlete of the Year (AOY) Nominee. Billy Blanks was on hand to present the award at the AOY ceremony in Rota Spain. He went on in 2007 to be a top 10 finisher in his Strongman Competition debut.

As One of America’s Top Fitness Professionals, his credential includes a congratulatory appreciation letter from Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, endorsements from the Department of the Navy & United States Special Operations Command. The Tri-Matrix MD changed my life forever. This amazing product gives you a Nitric Oxide Boost, lean muscle mass and a fast recovery time. At the age of 47 today Karlton has the XTREME Dream of Running for Gold in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics!! Thank You Xtreme Healthy Lifestyles!

Hi I am Angela Bowers,I suffer from severe migraines and have them up to 15 days per month. I have been prescribed 6 different medications; see a neurologist, acupuncturist, and a chiropractor for them... None of which have provided me any relief; if anything, they've gotten worse after treatments. I went to a naturopathic doctor a few years ago and she did a spit test and dx me with metabolic syndrome. Every time I saw her it was $150+ so I went to my primary care doctor and told him about the dx and asked him to run blood tests to see if my hormones were out of balance. He did and the test came back fine so he just prescribed pain killers and preventative meds that people with epilepsy take! A few months ago, I was introduced to a product called Tri-Matrix-MD™. It's an anti-aging and pre-workout sports performance enhancing drink used by the MLB and Olympians and meets their anti-doping guidelines. I was told it is low glycemic and has pharmaceutical grade L-arginine and increases your testosterone levels.


The first time I took the Tri-Matrix MD™ for exercise, I came back from the gym feeling like a 20-year-old again! I also noticed that I could lift more weight and be less sore than ever before. It keeps my energy up for cardio too, so I can push myself harder and maximize my efforts without feeling run down.

Being over 40 I used to really feel how much longer it would take my muscles to recover and the
Tri-Matrix MD™ cuts that soreness in half or more. I've never felt better! I like to use the night time protocol too when I've done excessive exercise, or if I start to feel under the weather. Then I wake up feeling like a new person again!

All of the products give me a very natural, healthy energetic feeling. I've been shocked at the difference after trying different energy and pre-workout drinks. Those all made me feel hyped up like I was on a weird drug or something. But Dr. Allen's products just make me feel naturally good, much like the feeling of eating a healthy and nutritious meal.   

I love these products!

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Whether Its Age Management, Sports Performance or having a lean figure,
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This new product is a game-changer"to your health and fitness today and is
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