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What does "fat-burning" mean?

Fat is the human body's way of storing energy. When the human body's metabolic machinery utilizes fat (burns fat), energy is released in the form of heat. (the thermogenic effect)

How does Skinny Genes Java™ work?

Unfortunately, today's lifestyle often promotes fat storage and decreases fat utilization. High-sugar, high-fat foods and less-active lifestyles lead to lower metabolic activity and greater fat storage. Skinny Genes Java™ decreases fat storage and increases metabolic activity. More fat is utilized and less fat is stored by just drinking Skinny Genes Java™ coffee!

Does Skinny Genes Java™ Peach Mango or Pineapple Splash causes "spikes" or "crashes" like other metabolism-increasing drinks?

No. The problem with other "energy" or "fat-burning" products is that it will increase metabolic activity, but when the active ingredient dissipates the body's metabolism "crashes" – blood sugar levels drop and the individual experiences fatigue and low-energy. Skinny Genes Java™ proprietary blend of buffered caffeine and low-glycemic sweetener, blood sugar levels remain stable without any "spikes" or "crashes.”

Skinny Genes Java™ coffee contains real coffee, right?

Skinny Genes Java™ combines the great flavor experience of Xtreme Healthy Lifestyles Certified 100% Fair Trade Organic AA Arabica coffee with a proven fat-burning blend. While there is some evidence that regular caffeine intake at mealtime can possibly impair some individuals' ability to manage blood sugar and insulin levels, Skinny Genes Java™ has been designed to counteract this possible effect with its proprietary blend of buffered caffeine and our 100% All-Natural Sweet Infused Sweetener™ low-glycemic sweetener. Skinny Genes Java™ thermogenic fat-burning coffee offers even energy and stable blood sugar levels.

What does "low-glycemic" mean?

The term low-glycemic refers to a numerical index that is based on the average increase in blood glucose levels after ingestion. Low-glycemic foods increase blood sugar levels less than foods with a high-glycemic index.

What is DIT thermogenic fat-burning?

DIT stands for Diet-Induced Thermogenesis. It basically means that the thermogenic (fat-burning) effect is achieved by the intake of some dietary element, and not increased physical activity. While physical activity is an important to maintain one’s health, SkinnyGenex Tea’s DIT effect is beneficial even when you don’t have time to increase your external activity – it works from the inside out.

What is meant by maximum natural energy?

Because SkinnyGenex™ Tea enhances one’s own stores of energy (adipose tissue/fat), the energy is natural. SkinnyGenex™ Tea does not create increase activity by increasing blood sugar, but increases metabolic activity in a safe and stable manner that delivers even energy levels.

How does SkinnyGenex™ Peach Mango or Pineapple Splash Tea manage hunger?

Because SkinnyGenex™ Tea is low-glycemic, it stabilizes blood sugar levels without creating the “spike and crash” effect. One feels hungry and weak, perhaps even jittery, when blood sugar levels “crash.” Other products claiming to be fat-burning don’t do anyone any favors by making them “spike” and then “crash” because the user ends up just feeling hungry, then gains weight by eating in response to low metabolism and blood sugar levels and the whole yo-yo cycle of weight gain is reinforced. SkinnyGenex™ Tea increases metabolic activity without inducing the hunger that comes from the “crash” effect.

How does SkinnyGenex™ Peach Mango or Pineapple Splash Tea manage stress-related eating?

Stress-Related Eating (SRE) is a phenomenon that occurs when glucose release is stimulated and the body gets a boost of energy, like in stressful or challenging situations. Because SkinnyGenex™ Tea creates a metabolic environment where energy is released in an even and stable manner, one does not experience the desire to GO FOR THE CARBS! People generally experience dramatic decrease in desire to eat between meals and also tend to eat smaller portions. These changes in behavior further reinforce blood glucose stability and amplifies the fat-burning effect cycle.

What is an anti-glucose matrix?

There is a difference between something being sugar-free, low-glycemic and anti-glucose. “Sugar-free” literally means without sugar. However, this does not mean that whatever is replacing the sugar is not going to “spike” blood sugar levels or cause other undesired metabolic consequences. “Low-glycemic” is a good step toward managing blood sugar levels, like what Xtreme Healthy Lifestyles low-glycemic, 100% All-Natural Sweet Infused Sweetener accomplishes. “Anti-glucose” takes it a step further and not only is low-glycemic, but increases metabolic activity in a safe, stable manner so that glucose release is not triggered.

How does SkinnyGenex™ Peach Mango or Pineapple Splash Tea beat the obesity gene?

The FTO Obesities gene variant is believed to be linked to one’s predisposition to store fat. Studies are ongoing with regard to racial and ethnic distribution, but it has already been shown that over half of the individuals of European descent possess this gene. This gene has been shown to cause weight gain, obesity and Type 2 diabetes. Individuals who have inherited this gene from both parents are 70% more likely to be obese than non-carriers of the gene. SkinnyGenex Tea, along with Skinny Genes Java Thermogenic Fat Burning Coffee, are the only non-drug products that address this genetic risk-factor in humans.

How does TRI-Matrix MD™ help boost energy levels?

Because L-Arginine is converted into Nitric Oxide and blood vessels are more relaxed, there is less stress on the heart, blood flow and circulation is improved, and healthy energy levels are promoted.

L-Arginine is an antioxidant?

Yes, and it is one thousand times more powerful than any other antioxidant naturally occurring in the human body.

How does L-Arginine help maintain healthy blood sugar levels?

Actually, L-Arginine products may actually increase blood sugar levels, but this is where TRI-Matrix MD™ outshines the other L-Arginine products. Because TRI-Matrix MD™ is the only Certified Low-Glycemic L-Arginine proven safe long-term, TRI-Matrix MD™ does not increase blood sugar levels, but actually helps in the management of blood sugar levels.

How does TRI-Matrix MD™ aid in stimulating muscle development/decreasing body fat?

Because L-Arginine has been shown to aid in increasing lean muscle development by signaling growth of muscle cells and the release of growth hormone. With an increase in lean muscle mass, there is an increased ability to burn fat.

How does L-Arginine promote healthy sexual performance?

Because of L-Arginine’s direct role in Nitric Oxide production and it promotes circulation and improves blood flow. L-Arginine has been linked to enhanced erectile function in men and increased libido in women.

How is L-Arginine regenerative?

L-Arginine is a precursor to proline, an amino acid which, when converted to hydroxyproline, serves as a major component of the protein collagen, the main protein in connective tissue. As such, L-Arginine has been associated with accelerated wound healing and regenerative effects.

What does “low-glycemic” mean?

The term low-glycemic refers to a numerical index that is based on the average increase in blood glucose levels after ingestion of food. Low-glycemic foods increase blood sugar levels less than foods with a high-glycemic index.

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